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Discover Nationwide Disaster Services for All Industries

Protect Your Business with Our Nationwide Services

When disaster strikes anywhere in the nation, you need a reliable solution fast. Emergency Disaster Services is your answer. As the nation’s leading disaster recovery company, we serve a wide range of industries including federal agencies, municipalities, and the private sector. Our state of the art emergency equipment and rapid response support services are designed to be there right when you need them, making us a trustworthy partner in your time of need. Our scope is national, but our services are tailored to fit the unique needs of each industry we serve.

Our Journey from Catering to Comprehensive Disaster Support Services

From our humble beginnings in 1989 as an off-premises catering company, we’ve come a long way. Over the last three decades, we’ve shifted our focus to become a leading national disaster recovery solutions. Today, we specialize in providing on-demand emergency services that cater to the needs of various industries we serve. Whether you’re part of a federal agency, a local government, or a private sector business, our disaster support services are geared to offer timely and effective solutions. Operating at a national level, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive suite of emergency disaster services that include mobile housing and temporary power services to contingency planning and support services. Our team is trained and ready to respond to a multitude of emergency situations, providing natural disaster recovery services and temporary structures for immediate disaster relief. So, no matter where you are located in the U.S., we have the resources and expertise to help you navigate and recover from any unforeseen circumstance.

Industries We Serve

With over three decades of experience, we specialize in everything from mobile housing and temporary power services to contingency planning and disaster relief.

Federal and State Agencies

From FEMA to state and local governments, we understand the bureaucracy and speed required for disaster support. Our services range from mobile housing to temporary power services, allowing federal and state agencies to focus on their core responsibilities during disasters.

Municipalities and Local County Governments

When natural disasters strike, local county governments and municipalities are on the frontline. Our comprehensive disaster services ensure that you’re not alone. From contingency planning to immediate disaster relief, we have the expertise and equipment to assist you.

Utility Providers

We understand that power is the backbone of recovery. That’s why our temporary power services are geared to keep your utilities running, ensuring a quicker path to normalcy.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are vulnerable to both natural and man-made disasters. Our emergency disaster services include temporary structures that are robust and can be rapidly deployed to keep your operations running.

a lot full of emergency trailers

Private Sector

From retail outlets to office spaces, our support services cover every aspect of disaster relief, ensuring that your business is up and running in no time.

Turn-Key Services: We Make it Easy

Why work with multiple vendors when we can provide a turnkey solution? From the initial contingency planning to the final deployment of natural disaster recovery services, our team will handle everything, ensuring you can focus on your core tasks. Our suite of services includes contingency planning to natural disaster recovery services and temporary structures for immediate disaster relief, we guarantee quality assurance in every aspect of our work.

Why Choose Us?

Wondering why Emergency Disaster Services should be your go-to disaster recovery company? The reasons are numerous, but let’s start with our national presence. Whether your organization operates in one corner of the U.S. or is spread across multiple locations, our emergency services are available nationwide. This makes us a perfect fit for the diverse industries we serve, from federal agencies to utility providers, offering everything from mobile housing to temporary power services. Speed and quality are the hallmarks of our disaster support services. We understand that in times of crisis, quick response is crucial. That’s why our emergency disaster services are designed to be just a call away. But speed doesn’t mean we cut corners. Our team arrives on-site with top-quality assets and takes care of every logistical detail, so you don’t have to.

Ready to Secure Your Organization?

Is your organization truly prepared for an emergency? If the answer is ‘not yet,’ don’t worry—you’re not alone. Emergency Disaster Services is your one-stop national disaster recovery company, equipped to secure any organization with our tailored emergency services. Whether you’re a federal agency, a local municipality, or a private sector enterprise, the industries we serve can benefit from our comprehensive range of disaster support services. We offer everything from mobile housing and temporary power services to contingency planning and natural disaster recovery services, ensuring that your organization is fully prepared for any crisis. Contact us today to find out how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Contact Us Today to Keep Your Organization Prepared