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LAKE CHARLES, La. (LEX 18) — Kentuckians continue to assist with the response to Hurricane Laura as thousands of utility workers from across the country work to restore power in Louisiana.

Matt Daley traveled to Lake Charles, Louisiana after to storm to support those workers in his job with the Emergency Disaster Services.

The company provides shelter and food to the utility workers, he said.

“As far as other storms go, it’s on par with some of the big ones,” Daley said. “Again 10,000 men and women are out right now trying to do their level best to try to get power restored.”

He’s driven downtown each day, he said, and witnessed the devastation firsthand.

“A lot of the facades, windows, are busted out of most of your major buildings down here but the biggest problem is water,” he said. “We have a huge surge here.”

But much of the water has receded, he said, allowing utility workers to get to work restoring power.

It will take at least five weeks to complete, he said but is an important step to allow communities to begin to recover.

“We know they’re in a bad spot right now,” he said. “We don’t sleep until they sleep.”