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BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Out-of-town power line workers can now take up residence outside the Huntington Mall.

Barboursville Mayor Chris Tatum on Thursday said AEP shipped in several dozen mobile bunkhouses from Maysville, Kentucky.

Those quarters are now set up in the old Sears parking lot.

AEP says these bunkhouses are for additional workers they are bringing in Friday. Every other worker has had a hotel room for every night they’ve been in here.

According to AEP, crews will be staying in the bunkhouses until restoration is complete for a bulk of West Virginians. External Affairs Manager for AEP, Jon Webster, said they could be in Barboursville until at least Monday.

“It’s a matter of just going through the process and making sure that we’re doing things in a safe manner, in a timely manner, and we just ask people to be patient with us,” Webster said.

The workers restoring service in southern and western West Virginia are in from Kentucky, Ohio, northern West Virginia, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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