Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) maintains a wide selection of alternative lodging options tailored to meet your requirements.  From Mobile Sleep Bunk units accommodating 36-42 persons, to individualized single tenant units.


Emergency Disaster Services has developed mobile housing units specifically designed to accommodate the needs of on site managers, company executives or short term installations with a smaller community of constituents. Each unit is self contained and features a private unit with single bed, storage, desk, task lighting, closet, and mini refrigeration unit and fully integrated Wi-Fi capabilities. Each 53' trailer accommodates eight persons. In addition a private lavatory and shower facility are common amongst the guests.


In addition to self contained mobile trailer units, Emergency Disaster Services boasts an inventory of over two million square feet of clear span canvas and temporary steel structures. 


These customizable units can be utilized for mass temporary housing utilizing our inventory of over 15,000 cots and bed kits, for storage, temporary meeting and office facilities as well as warehouse space.  Depending on the application, temporary flooring, utility lighting, complete electrical distribution and HVAC services may also be installed.