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Bed field hospital at Tamiami Park

MIAMI – Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition tents went up just in time for the coronavirus pandemic. A tent that was once designed for livestock was turned into the temporary kitchen for a 252-bed field hospital at Tamiami Park.

The tent where the fair’s cattle show would be is now home to lines of hospital cots. With 5,000 beds available in Miami-Dade County, Mayor Carlos A. Giménez said he hopes never to get to the point where the temporary hospital is needed.

“With the projections that I have seen, I don’t think we are going to get there,” Giménez said.

The field hospital will not be open to the public. Only out-of-capacity hospitals will be able to refer the patient to the field hospital. The complex also includes a laundry area and living quarters for the staff.

Rep. Anthony Rodriguez said Emergency Disaster Services, a company based in Kentucky, is under contract to build and run the field hospital.

Jamey Gumm, who usually works as an event coordinator, traveled from Lexington to Miami-Dade to work as the logistical operator.

“There will be medical equipment to be brought in,” Gumm said. “Doctors and nurses have already been hired. They are just on stand-by waiting for the go-ahead … They are being brought in from all over the place.”