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EDS members fixing the generators in Lexington, KY

MAYSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) – Members of Emergency Disasters Services are loading up and getting ready as Hurricane Irma approaches the United States. The same group traveled down to Texas to help the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey.

According to their website, Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) is a seasoned group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals specializing in off premise food, beverage, human need and support services.

On Thursday, they loaded up 26 generators, 40 light towers, along with shower and restroom trailers. They also deployed mobile kitchens and dining halls. On Friday, they will also be sending out the same amount of equipment, along with showers, restrooms, and dining halls.

“It’s devastating, you know. You’re looking at folks that lived a lifetime and bought a home or whatever it maybe and all of a sudden it’s destroyed,” said Mike Lundergan, the VP of Operations and Shipping EDS. “Some of these folks are up in years, and you just don’t rebuild. You know, as you get older it’s hard to do, and it takes a toll on us.”

People driving the trailers will go to Adele, Georgia where they will wait for Hurricane Irma to hit. They will then make their way to Florida to help. They also have sleep trailers that are coming straight from Texas to Georgia.

EDS will also be calling more people to drive sleep trailers down to Georgia as well.